Fry’s Electronics Woes

Over the years my company has bought many products from Fry’s Electronics, simply because they are cheap and usually have what we’re looking for. I have always been amazed at the lack of training and nonprofessional attitude of their employees. But this last incident is it for me. I’m done with Fry’s.

A while back I bought a Toshiba notebook for my daughter at Fry’s. To make a long story short, it broke. I took it in for repair under the extended warranty I had paid nearly $400 for. Fry’s kept the computer for about 4 months. After about two months, I called them to find out where the computer was. They said they had to send it in for repairs. Thanks for the heads up.

Anyway, after about four months I got a call to come get the computer–the repairs were complete. When I got there, nothing at all had been done to the computer. When I asked how they could keep the notebook for four months and not repair it, they told me the problem wasn’t covered the warranty.

Whatever. Why four months to give me back a broken computer? The said they had called me to authorize a $1000 payment to replace the keyboard, which is just not true. Besides, why would I pay $1000 to fix a $1500 computer. (I had replaced the keyboard in another notebook recently for less than $50.)

The manager was rude, refusing to achknowlge that my waiting four months for nothing was unacceptable. When I told him to check his records and see how much money my company spent at his store. Does he still want to treat me this way? His response was, “So what?”

His response to my telling him that if he continued with this attitude, we were done using his store, was, “That’s your coice.”

Well we’ve made our choice.

For on Fry’s no-service, go here:

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