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The word blog brings to mind (for many people, anyway) the often incoherent musings or rantings of pimply faced geeks.

Short for Weblog (or Web log), the blog has evolved into much, much more.  Most major news organizations use blogs to find and/or flesh out news stories. Many companies use blogs to disseminate important information to customers and employees.

Though not usually deployed as blatant advertising media, blogs are  important marketing tools, driving would-be customers to the Websites that host them. Blogging software publishes and automatically distributes new posts to search engines and other blogs, making keeping your listings on these services fresh, easy and automatic. If created, used and maintained properly, blogs can provide inexpensive advertising and name recognition.

Blogging sever software applications, such as WordPress, also make it easy for you (and others in your organization) to post, comment, add and change information, without a lot of expenisve and time-consuming training. You can keep information fresh without having to pay a designer each time you need to update information on your Website.

Unlike the conventional Website, though, which does not usually require a lot of maintenance, blogs require frequent posts and comments to be effective. Creating the blog is only half the battle. In order for the blogger to have a successful blog, defining a purpose, identifying an audience and adopting (and sticking to) a strategy are crucial.

If you don’t know whether a blog would be beneficial to your business, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. If you are ready to pull the trigger, we can create a blog for you and get you started on a course to success in the blogosphere.


World Class Web Design

We offer two design options:

Custom Design:

Want a completely unique Website? A custom design starts from scratch. In most cases, this is the most expensive type of Website, but it will look nothing like anybody else’s.  I’ll work closely with you to create a unique web site design that reflects your business and style.

Go to to see an example of our custom Websites.

Third Party Template Designs:

Nowadays there are literally thousands of third party design templates available. And many of them are very nicely designed and professional. Since much of the design work is already done, this option tends to be less costly than choosing the Custom Design option.

Our blog, Communications Technology Watch was created from a third-party template.


Nowadays Websites do many, many things, from static, brochure-type Web pages that simply convey information about products and services, to sites that gather information, show movies, or sell products and process orders for payment and shipping. We can design most types of Websites, incorporating any or all of the following features:

eCommerce—Websites that sell, process payments, track inventory, and notify your shipping department. Here is an example of a online store.

Data Collection—Pages that collect data for marketing analysis or mailing lists. Data collection can also include the uploading of images by end users for display on your Website.

Flash Applications—Flash is the industry standard for displaying animation and product demonstrations. We are proficient in Flash design and programming. Here is an example of Flash Website with digital video and image portfolios.

Communications Technology Watch

WordPress Blog—Nowadays, many clients are opting for sites designed on the WordPress Blog software platform. The benefits of this type of site is that they allow you (or anybody else in your organization) to edit your site without a lot of training; blogs make communicating with your customers very easy; and each time you add content to your site, the blog software automatically notifies the search engines, keeping your listings fresh. Communications Technology Watch (image to the right) is an example of a WordPress blog.

Adobe Acrobat PDFs—If you’ve spent any time at all on the Web, you’ve seen these. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. There are two types: Static documents that provide information, such as online product brochures, product datasheets, training documents, documentation, and contracts and terms of service; or PDFs can be dynamic, such as online data collection forms. Remember, we wrote a book on Acrobat. Here is an example PDF.

Online Presentations—Do you have a PowerPoint presentation (or several) that you want to show to visitors to your Website. I can do that for you. Or I can even create the presentation(s) for you, for use by your training or sales staff, and format them for your Website. Here is an online presentation we created.


Content, of course, is the information and features displayed on your Website. There are several ways for you (and us) to generate content for your site, including but not limited to the following:

  • We can write all copy and generate all images and graphics. Remember, we have 25 years experience writing copy and formatting and editing graphics.
  • You can provide copy, images and graphics and we’ll edit and format the content for your Website.
  • You can provide edited copy and formatted images and graphics and we’ll create a Website from them for you.

Any combination of the first three methods will also work. Keep in mind that more work you do, the less your Website costs you.