Ultra modern new medical Website

February 4, 2011: We are pleased to announce the debut of the totally redesigned SpineCenter.com, home of Dr. Chiu and the California Spine Institute and Medical Center. SpineCenter.com was our first Website design project. We had limited skills and limited technology at our disposal. Still, we thought it was one most beautiful and most technologically advanced Websites of the day. But then the Web was so new then that everybody was awed and really didn’t notice how garish and fundamentally simple our Websites were. The new SpineCenter.com is about 80 percent Flash. It’s loaded with dynamic and entertaining special effects, has hours of digital videos describing and depicting the Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery procedure, photo galleries, presentations–you name it. And it’s all arranged so that everybody–visiting medical professionals, potential patients or students–can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. This new site is the culmination of all we’ve learned after over 20 years of design.

High quality streaming video, including surgery in action.

High quality streaming video, including surgery in action.

BThe new site is a completely scripted AS3 and XML modular Flash design, complementing CSI’s ultra-modern Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS)  and physical rehabilitation center, located in Thousand Oaks, California. Dr. Chiu is the primary developer of the Micro-Discectomy and Laser Thermodiskoplasty MISS procedures for eliminating pain from herniated spinal discs.

The new site is resplendent with content on spine surgery, MISS and Medical Laser technology–complete with videos, presentations, research and other information designed for medical professionals and the general public. It branches at the home page to accommodate professionals looking for technology solutions and providers and non-professionals looking for alternatives to conventional “open back” surgery.

“We have been tacking on new information almost weekly for many years,” says Dr. Chiu. “It has become a huge maze of mismatched designs [reflecting the styles of the several different designers employed to update it] and outdated material mixed in with the new, pertinent data.” It’s time to bring it all together in a format where users can find what they need without hunting and pecking.” Dr. Chiu added that he is excited about the work so far and eager to get it up and running.

The site is now in service. Feel free to go take a look: You can find it here: www.spinecenter.com