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In Part 2 we look at extending the basic portfolio structure, animation, tweens and instance names.

Learn this and other techniques in William Harrel’s Introduction to Flash CS4 Course at Ed2Go.

Click here to download portfolio.fla.

CTW and are proud to announce the launch of the new Gold Coast Recovery Center Website. Gold Coast Recovery Center, Inc. is a non-profit corporation based in Ventura, California. The purpose of the corporation is to mange The Meeting Place, a meeting hall and gathering place for 12 step fellowships and people recovering from substance abuse. The Meeting Place currently hosts over twenty-five 12-Step meetings monthly, as well as various service committees for Ventura County recovery fellowships. Recovering people, or people seeking recovery, are welcome to attend any and all meetings at the facility. You are also welcome to start your own recovery meetings at The Meeting Place. All substance abuse recovery-oriented organizations are welcome. Feel free to contact us about how we can help you get a meeting started at The Meeting Place.

They are an upstart non-profit and are dire need of donations. You can reach them here:

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Many thanks to Brian Gardner and the folks over at StudioPress for their impressive and delightful WordPress themes. I have just used one of them, Streamline, to upgrade this blog. Thanks to them, no longer is Communications Technology Watch boring and ordinary. The StudioPress Streamline theme is complete, reasonably priced and easy to implement, saving me countless hours redesigning this site from scratch. Great craftsmanship. You can bet I’ll be back the next time one of my clients needs a blog.

Clear Instructions

I was genuinely impressed with how well everything works within the theme, and the instructions on the StudioPress support Website are well-written, clear and complete. Not once was I held up waiting for answers from the StudioPress support team. I found everything I needed on the support site. And the few questions I did have (pre-purchase) were answered via email immediately. Few things are more frustrating than waiting hours or days for support to get back to you.

Superb Tutorials

As a writer of many aftermarket software books and how-too articles, I have some experience in telling endusers how to do things. Seldom have I seen a clearer set of tutorials. Each process is laid out and identified so well that I didn’t have to waste time looking for answers. I appreciate vendors who consider my time valuable. (And, of course, a well constructed support site saves the vendor’s time, too. Still, there are many endusers who either refuse to use the resources or, no matter how well they are written, can’t seem to understand them.)

Keep up the Good Work

Nowadays, many companies are choosing to use WordPress and other blog server software to construct entire Websites. a trend I was somewhat dubious about at first. Especially since my background is design and I hate to program. Thanks to StudioPress and companies like them, we, the programming-challenged, can keep up with technology without having to spend all our time mired in experimenting with and debugging frustrating code. I encourage Brian and StudioPress to give us some more themes. And, yes, I understand it is hard work and takes time.

You can check out the StudioPress themes here:

For examples of various sites that use StudioPress themes, go here:

To keep ups with StudioPress news, such as special offers, checkout their blog:

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A new blog, Communications Technology Watch, was launched today, at The focus of the blog is to stimulate lively debates over the state of the industries involved in all facets of communications generated on or by computers, i.e., the Internet, telecommunications and Voice Over IP (VoIP), Web design and hosting, and print media design.

The blog is moderated by William Harrel ( Harrel has over 20 years experience in communications technology disciplines, including writing, editing, design, and as owner/operator of a large Internet service provider with customers around the World, the Internet and Web design and hosting.

Blog contributing authors include:

  • Chuck Galvin, Chief Technology Officer for GSolutionz. Inc. (, a large telecommunications system and VoIP solution provider based in Southern California.
  • Melissa Vaughn, Owner and Chief Designer at In2Dev ( and Honey Bee Graphics ( Both companies have many, many years experience designing high-end Websites and Web applications.
  • Michael Chapman, System Administrator for Aerioconnect (, a large nationwide ISP, and Designer/Web Master for Santa Paula Weather (
  • Paul Yoes, Chief Technology Officer for Aerioconnet ( Aerioconnect provides a variety of Internet access, VoIP, and Web hosting solutions.

Communications Technology Watch provides a forum for IT professionals, their clients and prospective clients, to find and discuss issues pertaining to a wide range subjects, including but not limited to:

  • Communications technology vendors and providers–the good, the bad and the ugly: industry trends, products and services, etc. Discussions includes such topics as: customer service issues, mergers and product acquisitions, must-have gadgets and software, and so on. Though this is not a site for advertising specific goods and services.
  • Internet trends, security, spam, vendors and technologies.
  • Voice Over IP trends, quality of service, vendors and technologies.
  • Web and print media design trends, hosting, prepress, printing, vendors and technologies.

While we are not a software and hardware review site, we do accept and appreciate candid descriptions of products that are useful and make life easier for people working in communications technology fields. For example, as I write this, Adobe’s CS4 versions of the company’s software packages are being released. Since so many of us rely on this suite of products to get our work done, we will be talking over the next few weeks about new features and how this software can can help us be more productive. Or, as is the case with so many new releases, how the software has made our lives miserable.

Discussions of bugs, bug fixes, workarounds and solutions to problems are also welcome.

All contributing authors have 20 years or more in their respective fields. If you are intersted in becoming a contributing author, please submit your CV to Anybody can comment on blog posts and comments, after registering with the blog as a user. Your comments are not only welcome, but we encourage them.

All posts and comments will be moderated (daily) before the are posted.

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