The Best Label Printers

From Convenient to Mission Critical

When most people think of label makers—or label printers, labeling systems, barcode printers, or whatever each manufacturer calls its wares—those little handheld devices with small keyboards and one-line monochrome LCDs come to mind. Well, even though many of those are still available, at this point they are yesterday’s technology.

In fact, these days, there are many types and levels of label printers (in terms of price, label quality, and volume) available—from inexpensive and convenient consumer-grade models for labeling containers and other articles around home, to the mission-critical machines for printing shipping labels, warnings (Stop, Caution, Fragile, and so on), barcodes, product labels, and so much more.

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Review of the Brother RuggedJet RJ-2150 at PCMagPROS
Relatively fast print speeds. Good output quality. PC, network, and mobile connectivity options. Top-drawer label design, print software, and mobile apps. Low running costs.

No charging gear in the box. Pricey.

The Brother RJ-2150 is a capable, if expensive, 2-inch portable label and receipt printer designed for heavy-duty, on-the-fly use.

The Brother RuggedJet RJ-2150 ($995) is designed to churn out relatively high volumes of labels and receipts in mobile on-demand applications. It’s built to operate in environments—including warehouses, fulfillment desks, showrooms, and elsewhere—where dust, moisture, and other factors might damage more conventional label makers. It’s similar in many ways to its sibling, the RJ-2050. Choosing between them comes down to how many labels you plan on printing: The RJ-2150 can use a higher-capacity label roll, making it somewhat larger and $300 more expensive than the RJ-2050.

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