Printers and Scanners Expert at Lifewire (formally : William Harrel – Journalist

Printers and Scanners Expert at Lifewire (formally

Lifewire – June, 2011 – October 2016Articles by William Harrel at LifeWire

I was the Printers and Scanners Expert at Lifewire (formally for several years, covering not only the hottest and newest products, but also how to use them, market trends, opinion, and much, much more. When became Lifewire, we parted ways, primarily because I started doing similar work for another site. You can see all of my Lifewire articles by clicking the logo to the left, but I should warn you that the site has other writers updating content on a regular basis–if an article is updated after 10/2017, it’s no longer indicative of my work, not really.