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Sliding an Object on to the Stage in Flash CS4


You can learn this technique in William Harrel’s Introduction to Adobe Flash CS4 over at Ed2Go.

To slide an object such as this logo onto the Stage, follow these simple steps:

  1. Right-click in the layer where the animation will end on the logo layer and insert a keyframe.
  2. Click the frame where the animation will begin on the logo Layer to select it.
  3. Select the symbol you want to animate on the Stage
  4. Hold the Down Arrow on your keyboard to nudge the selection downward, until the logo is just off the Stage. (You can also do this with our mouse, but it’s much easier to move objects in a straight line with the arrow keys. If you want the symbol to slide from a different location, hold the appropriate arrow key.)
  5. Click the start-point keyframe of the animation, and then SHIFT + click the end-point keyframe to select all the frames that span the animation on the logo layer.
  6. Right-click the selection and choose Create Classic Tween from the pop-up menu.

Good. If you Play the movie or drag the Playhead over the frames, we can see the logo slide on to the stage. Now, let’s tell Flash to fade and step in our tagline.

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