Brother’s Almost “Professional” P-touch Cube Plus Label Printer for Home and Small Office


Fast. Good print quality. Runs on USB or rechargeable battery. Automatic cutter. Large selection of label types in several colors and sizes.

Expensive consumables.

With its quality output, speedy printing, and solid feature set, the Brother P-touch Cube Plus is an excellent-value label printer for homes and small offices.

The Brother P-touch Cube Plus ($99.99) is an upgrade from the Editors’ Choice Brother P-touch Cube. And what a difference that “Plus” makes. Yes, the new label printer costs $40 more than its predecessor, but it’s twice as fast, prints a more diverse array of label sizes, and has a more robust feature set. The P-touch Cube Plus easily supplants its older sibling as our Editors’ Choice consumer label printer.

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