Brother’s Highly Portable Multipurpose PocketJet 7 PJ763MFi-WK Thermal Printer


    • PROS

      Small and light. Prints up to legal-size pages. Numerous accessories. Long-life battery. Good output quality. No ink required.

    • CONS

      Pricey. Slow. Requires additional purchase for input tray. Can’t print color.


      Review of the Brother PocketJet 7 PJ763MFi-WK at PCMagThe Brother PocketJet 7 PJ763MFi-WK is a super-portable thermal printer for car-mounting and other on-the-go applications that require quality monochrome output at up to legal size.

Brother’s PocketJet 7 PJ763MFi-WK ($779) portable thermal printer is an update to the PocketJet PJ673-K we reviewed back in 2013. The biggest change comes in the form of Bluetooth connectivity for Apple iOS devices (that link could previously only be handled via a Wi-Fi connection). It also comes with a Li-ion battery for impressive life off of the cord. It’s expensive, but if you’re on the go and down and dirty black-on-white documents are all you need, the PJ763MFi-WK is an excellent option. And depending on your needs, it may be the sole option; it’s the only thermal printer we know of that prints up to legal-size pages. If you require color prints, though, the Editors’ Choice HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer will be more your speed.

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