The Colop e-mark E-Stamp May Stamp Out Conventional Rubber Stamps

Colop e-mark Review at PCMagPROS

  • Prints on lots of different materials.
  • Sleek, miniature body.
  • Easy-to-use design and print apps for PC and mobile.
  • Good print quality.
  • Low running costs.


  • Expensive.
  • Quirky Android software.


The Colop emark, though a bit pricey, is a well-designed, unique “digital rubber stamp” and imprinting device that prints your text or designs on a whole host of surfaces and materials.

ByWilliam Harrel February 7, 2020
Editors’ Rating: excellent

The Colop e-mark ($349.99) is a unique palm-size inkjet printer designed for printing labels, bar codes, rubber-stamp-like artwork, and other imprints on a variety of media ranging from paper and label stock to cloth and packaging material. Marketed as a stamping and imprinting device (perhaps the first electronic alternative to a rubber stamp), it has no rivals or competitors that I can find. The e-mark prints well and at a reasonable running cost, especially compared to the Brother VC-500W color label printer that copped an Editors’ Choice recently. Overall, the e-mark is a well-designed, well-performing device with a variety of applications for both homes and small offices. Despite a quirky mobile app and a high price tag, the e-mark takes home our Editors’ Choice in an all-new category: e-stamp printers.

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