How to Configure Do Not Disturb Settings on Android

How to Configure Do Not Disturb Settings on AndroidBy default, Android’s Do Not Disturb (DND) does exactly what you’d expect the so-named feature to do—no matter what app, call, email, or text message tries to find you, the operating system (OS) waits until you turn DND off before displaying and/or playing and/or vibrating a notification.

But what if you’re expecting an important call, or perhaps awaiting a critical payment notification from PayPal? Or what about that much-anticipated text from that one person you want to talk to no matter what you’re doing?

The good news is that the OS provides—via a subset of DND—extensive controls over what data, from which app, right down to from whom, actually pierces the DND veil, and when. But before looking at and modifying the behavior of DND, let’s start by making sure that the Notifications function itself is set up optimally.

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