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A widely held view is that few things have had greater impact on civilization than the printing press. We haven’t been around quite that long, but we have been designing documents on computers, or desktop publishing, since that technology’s early days. Few designers have a longer track record than ours.

Granted, much of what used to be printed on paper now resides on Websites, email servers, CD-ROMs, other media. But the printed word is far from dead. There is still a need for (and there will be for some time) printed brochures, catalogs, manuals, and so on.

Besides, nowadays, these documents are easier to create and update, or to turn into something more portable—electronic documents, such as Adobe Acrobat’s Portable Document Format (PDF). High-end laser printers make these documents much less costly to reproduce. No longer do you have to worry about saving money by paying for large print runs, only to throw half of the pieces away when something changes. Now you can just print what you need.


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Few designers have more experience creating print media on computers. we have done it all—brochures, mailers, catalogs, books, documentation. You name it. And we can take you through the entire process, from writing copy, producing images and graphics, to layout and printing.


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